Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mormon Highs

Michael's Birthday Party..cutie!
Even though I can't be with Davis on his
Birthday - I am celebrating B Day time!

Hello hello,

I would first like to start out this email by saying HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY DAVIS!!!!!!!!...er...ELDER ENGLAND!!!!!!!! I hope your day was great! I was thinking about you all day. I hope you got the card I sent you...I sent it a while ago. I am so proud of you! It has been such a tender mercy (Yes I just referred to something as a "tender mercy"...I am a weird missionary) to have you serving at the same time as me. You are my utimate missionary example. Keep up the good work. Te quiero con todo mi corezon hermano!

In other news I have a million cool things to tell you about...I know you are all annoyed about how long my emails are so I will try...key word try...to keep them breif...

First my Stake Conference talk is over with YAY! But it was so cool because I was sooo nervous for it and I was having a really hard time preparing it. Well my companion was sick and Bro. Mcdonald and Bro. Gourgourous came and gave her a blessing and Sister McDonald was like..."Hey Sister England, do you want a blessing to help you with your talk?" At first I was reluctant because I felt I didn't need to have a blessing but then I agreed. It was amazing. After that blessing I was able to better receive inspiration on what I should speak about. I felt calm about giving it as well. The priesthood is there for us to use. I realized that I needed to get over some pride I had and let the power of the priesthood work in my life. What a blessing it is to have this power in our lives! OH and also I didn't right out all the words to my talk...I did an outline and just spoke...It was scary but I think it turned out okay. OH and mom your talk was AMAZING!

So Neilee came to Stake conference and she is SO excited about her baptism this Saturday! She some how heard about "Mormon Funeral Potatoes" and said that we must have them at her baptism :) hahaha Cool story with her...I don't remember if I told you anything about this but Neilee's sons started a gang a while ago. The gang has about 45 members. Well Neilee (before we met her) was trying to help these boys who all have horrible back rounds and family situations. She was kind of "gang mom" she called it. Well after meeting with us she started gathering the gang and teaching about things we taught her. She would share passages from the Book of Mormon and talked to them all about how they need to change their course so they don't end up like their parents. Well eventually they started listening. All the boys decided they would no longer be a gang and they would now be a "crew". They decided that instead of doing whatever they were doing they are going to start doing service projects and such. They are all going to volunteer for "Clean up Lafayette day" Anyway long story short Neilee is making such a huge difference in so many people's lives because of the gospel...Oh and the best part is that their gang logo is this design of MH which stands for money hungry, they wanted to change it but they already have hats with the logo on it so they are now the "Mormon Highs" haha so great. They still need some work, obviously, but maybe one day some missionaries here will baptize a whole gang...never know :)

Another awesome thing....I don't know if I told you but Sister Clark and I gave a training in zone meeting a while ago as the Sister Training Leaders. The next P-day Elder Springer came up to me and thanked me for the training and said that it had answered one of his prayers. Well at stake conference Elder Springer came up to me again told me that the answer to prayer that he received from our training had to do with what they should do with one of their investigators who has been investigating for 4 years. Obviously something was holding this person back from being baptized and the Elders could not figure out what it was or how to help them. Well Elder Springer didn't even tell me what the problem was or even the solution but he said..."Because of your training this investigator is now picking a date to be baptized and our other investigator is getting baptized next week, Thank You!" I don't think in any way shape or form this had anything to do with me. I think this story is so cool because when I first was called to be STL I was so nervous. I didn't know what to say to the struggling sisters, I did't know what to do for the STL training. But I prayed ALOT that the Lord would lead me to things I need to say or do. I have such a testimony that the Lord qualifies who he calls. I'm pretty sure without His help and guidence I would be the worst STL let alone missionary ever. But because I have His divine help I can fulfull this calling in the way He wants me to. This experience was a huge answer to prayer. 

I am thankful for the Lords hand in my life every day....Okay super sappy....seriously I am that weird missionary! But it's okay, I like it.....You will all have to deal with my "tender mercys of the Lord" stories alright.

Well so much for keeping it short...I remember going to read missionarie's emails before my mission and I was like - wow this is like a novel and I would only read half of it. Haha so if that's what you did that's okay...wait if you did do that you wouldn't be reading this part....awkward.

Okay well have a great week! Keep me updated on everything going on at home!

Les quiero!
Hermana England

Making sopas with Rosa y Graeiela - YUM!

Boulder is hilarious...So many hilarious
bumper stickers!

 Boulder is hilarious...
"Eco-friendly/natual & organic
hair products!

More Birthday celebrations...
Celebrating Michael's Birthday with
Donna and Michael

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