Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conference Was SO GOOD!

Denver Temple!

Hey ya'll

First of all CHELS HAD HER BABY!!?! I can't believe she is a mom! That is so cool! The name Archer is adorable! Tell her I love her and I can't wait to kiss that baby to pieces when I get home!!!

So sorry about the no email last Monday we had to proselite all day because we went to the TEMPLE!!!!! It was pretty much amazing! I have missed it so much! This whole past few weeks have been basically the best thing ever!!! Sisters general meeting, General Conf, Temple, Cafe Rio!!! Who could ask for more! :)

The temple today was just perfect. I really needed that boost! I was able to see the new (not new new) video and wow it was awesome. I learn something new every time I go to the temple! Especally this time. I am so excited for the Fort Collins temple to be done! And guess what! Ground has been broken and they are beginning construction!! :) YAY! We are already planning Nielee's year trip to the temple! She is so excited! ALSO! One of our recent converts Graciella went through the temple!!! :) She is the one we made sopes with! I think I accidentally spelled them sopas last time...and mom they are not scones they are this delicious thing made with massa and frijoles and lots of yummy stuff. Anyway the temple is amazing and I am depressed that I can't go for another 8 months:( triste. Go lots for me!

OH. MY. WORD. Conference was SOOOO GOOOOD! Davis is so right! It is like the coolest thing ever as a missionary. After several of the talks I was like falling out of my seat and saying...."Oh my gosh wasn't that SO GOOD? Did you guys here that?! That was SO GOOD!" haha everyone thought I was weird...except Hermana Stratford because she was right there with me. haha  We were SO excited for Sunday morning session because Dankia said she would come...but alas she did not. She said her mom had something come up she had to help her with. At least she was doing service right? Hopefully she will come to church next week! Other than that session we watched it at the McDonald's. Some of my favs were Elder Holland about defending truth, Uchtdorfs about being a grateful person, Elder Oaks on the priesthood (We didn't watch priesthood session but they showed us his because it was so awesome) and Elder Ballards on missionary work and Preach my Gospel. I loved how he said it would be cool if members would right there missionaries about things they learned from PMG. :) So cool! Write to me about what you learn!!! But over all the coolest thing about conference was that I recieved some answers so specific prayers of mine. Not even just through what was said but just how the spirit taught me. So cool! Can't wait for the Ensign to come so I can study them more!

Okay so much to catch up on so instead of writing everything I want to and all my feeling on every matter I am just going to state the facts here....First, we had another lesson with Lithia and it was AWESOME! She agreed to take the lessons! Bad news is we will proabably have to hand her over to the Lafayette Elders because she is English and out of our ward boundries...we give them so much work! Your welcome Elders :) Fariba's husband was in town from Iran and we were super worried he would hate us or that Fariba would be in trouble for talking to us, BUT he was awesome! Super nice and wants us to go back before he leaves. We found a few new investigators :) Fingers crossed about them! The Monreal family (recenty reactived) have been doing great, their dad Humberto is out of prizon and in immigration (Good because his trial is finally moving but bad because he may be deported)

Anyway lots of things going on around here. We have lots of work to do! :) Love you all!

Hermana England

PS. Please keep Sister Taliulu and Elder Wengreen in your prayers, both of their moms passed away in the last few weeks.

Sister McDonald took us to the temple!
What a great day...

Watching conference at the McDonald's

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