Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miracles Are All Around Us

Russian B.O.M. to show Rach!


So I just wrote y'all on Friday...not much has happened since then so I will expound on a few things.

But first I will tell you about our awkward Safeway experience....So we being Preach my Gospel missionaries took the advice from the good book to be out in the open more so that we can talk to random people and find new investigators. So we decided that we would weekly plan sitting at the tables in the front area of our Safeway. First of all we nailed it because we started talking to these two teen age girls and one of them is totally a potential investigator now! Booya. The prophet and apostles know what they are talking about. Anyway after she left we finished up weekly planning and Safeway was going to close soon so we pack up our things to leave. We start walking toward the automatic doors and I am right behind Hermana Stratford. My A.D.D. kicks in and as I am walking I start staring at these people on the other side of the store (I'm a people watcher) Still staring at them we are about to walk through the door and all of a sudden I slam into Hermana Stratford. She just stopped super bluntly and I rammed into her back almost dropping all my stuff, with my head still looking backwards. There just happened to be a worker man standing by the doors who starts laughing out loud at us. Then I realize the automatic door didn't open and that is why she stopped so abruptly, so I start waving my arms up and down and jumping in front of the door to get it to open. Hermana Stratford (don't ask me why) goes in front of the exit door and starts waving her arms around and jumping to see if that door will open. With no luck from either door we finally stop and look over at the worker guy who now has another worker woman with him and they are both laughing so hard they can't speak. Super embarrassed we ask them why the automatic doors weren't working....When they finally stop laughing they tell us that they locked them right before we came up. Awesome. They couldn't have told us that any earlier? They then directed us to the door on the other side of  the store and still laughing at us told us to have a good day. So we start walking over but disgruntled from what just happened we run into each other again.....ya we are bright...For some reason Hermana Stratford  and I have those kind of moments a lot!
Anyway something AMAZING happened! Eva has kept in touch with us a little bit since she moved but we have been so nervous about her moving right after her baptism. We were working on getting her ward information so we could call her Bishop and get her fellow-shipped in her new ward but she would never send us her address. So the other day we get this call from her and she tells us there is someone who wants to talk to us. Then we hear this man start speaking to us in English and saying Hey we are here with your friend Eva. Turns out it was a senior couple in the Georgia mission. They had received a media referral to go visit her. We were able to fill them in that she had been baptized and needed the recent convert lessons. They assured us that they would get her in contact with the Spanish missionaries and help her be integrated into the ward. I was so happy I can't even tell you! I am so glad we have a church that takes care of it's members and is the same all over the world! And the biggest miracle of all is that WE never turned in a referral and we have no idea who could have! Graciela the woman she lived with here said she didn't know her new address. The Bishop and ward council didn't either. We asked everyone and no one knew. I am convinced that Heavenly Father just slipped that media referral in the system to make sure Eva was taken care of. Miracles are all around us! 

Love you all so much!
Hermana England 

Right after Hermana Stratford and I got our hair cut
we visited the Monreal's.  We were telling her that
we got way too many layers cut (Particularly
Hna Stratford, she had bangs around her whole
head!)Hermana Monreal just said...
"Oh that's how all the Mexican girls cut their hair!"
Then she told us how they "flip out" all the layers...
then she went an dgot her flat iron to show us!

Aren't we pretty!

I love spending time at the Monreal's
Craziest kids ever...

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