Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Have Another Spanish Investigator

Dying Easter Eggs!

Hey everyone, 

So it sounds like you all had fun in St. George and had a good Easter. Easter is so awesome! I love remembering what Christ did for us. And yes I did see the "Because of Him" video. Blew my mind. I'm obsessed! If you havn't seen it go look it up now! Amazing!

Thank you so much for the package! It was perfect! I loved it all! Thank you so so much! Hermana Stratford also loved her skirt and everything! We matched on Easter and looked pretty darn cute if we do say ourselves.

Mom and Dad! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Okay so I am a terrible child because I almost forgot...the other day I said to Hermana Stratford...Crap, I think it's my parents anniversary and I didn't say anything in my last email. Haha so I kind of remembered but sorry for being an awful daughter. Anyway I love you both so much! You are both my rock. Thank you for teaching me and raising me in the gospel. I am forever grateful to you. 26 years baby! You both still look as hot as you did on your wedding day! Which is saying something with the huge glasses and the puffy sleeves. OW OW! 

This last week was good but pretty hard to get appointments. Just like Davis said La Semana Santa made it a little hard with our Spanish investigators. But we did see an awesome miracle! One of the girls from the YSA ward served her mission in Guatemala and she goes to these Spanish mingle things. Anyway long story short one of the Hispanic women, Bernita, in the group opened up to her about leaving her husband because he was abusive and asked her to come pray with her because she knew she was a missionary. She said yes but that she would invite the missionaries serving right now to come with her. So all three of us went and talked with her about her situation and the Love that God has for her. It was amazing and we are going back on Saturday to teach her more. She is amazing and so willing to listen. I am so excited to see her progress. Such a wonderful women. And it is awesome because we havn't been teaching in Spanish much lately so we have another Spanish investigator! :) yay! 

Well Easter over all was just amazing! As a missionary you really get to focus on the true reason for celebrating and I have grown to love and respect my Savior more this week. I am so grateful for Him. He is the reason I am here. 

Love you all so much! 

Love, Hermana England 

P.S. Thanks for all the emails. I ran out of time to write back this week but they are comin! :) 

P.P.S. Don't have too much fun at prom Mags. If that senior tries anything on ya just read him Colossians 2:21 

Matching Easter skirts...
Thanks Mom :)

Hermana Stratford can relate!

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