Monday, April 28, 2014

Heading Back To My Greenie Area...Longmont

Nissa! Favorite Spanish group member!


Okay so transfers!!!!!!.....So in the Boulder ward we found out early on that the English sister were being swept out to bring in Elders. The ward had to know to work out housing situations and they totally spilled the beans. So we knew we would be getting Elders but had heard nothing about what was happening with Hermana Stratford and me. Then a few days before transfers Bro. Gourgouris (First councilor in our ward) was talking to Sister McDonald and spilled the beans that they told him that the Spanish sisters are just moving to a different members house. So then Sister McDonald spilled the beans to us that we were staying. So basically everyone knew about transfers before they even sent out transfer doctrine (voice mail with transfer information) So I was so happy to stay but Hermana Stratford and I were both a little bummed because we were kind of itching for a change. So come Saturday night transfer doctrine comes and we're like...okay let's just listen to the voice mail to see where everyone is going. They started out with missionaries leaving the Boulder zone and I hear....Annnnnd Hermana England will be leaving us. So of course I start hyperventilating and freaking then he says...And she will be going back to her birth place in the Ute Creek Ward in Longmont Colorado! I was seriously freaking out. So that's the news people. I'm headin back to my greenie area. Longmont here I come...again.:) 

These last few days have been really hard saying goodbye to everyone here. I have come to love Boulder so much. The people here are strange but some of the kindest most compassionate people I have ever met. 

Oh story time....So it was my last week in the Boulder ward and I had to leave with a bang so here's what happend...
Remember I told you about the Monreal family and how the Husband Humberto was in jail slash immigration. Well he is home now!:) So happy. So anyway they both come to church yesterday and I got to meet him for the first time and Hermana Monreal was so happy. Just beeming. I was so happy for them. So the meeting starts and Humberto signals for me and Hermana Stratford to come out in the hall. So we all go out and he asks us if he can go up at the end of the meeting to bear his testimony and thank the ward for their support. We were like...umm they already kind of have a program and tesimony meeting is next week so you can do it then. But he insisited that we ask the Bishop. So we signal to the front and Bro. Gourgouris comes down and we tell him so then he goes back and gives us the thumbs up. Humberto wanted me to translate for him but I wasn't about to make a fool of myself in front of everyone so I asked Bro. Coreson a kind Spanish speaking member of the ward to translate for him. So they actually had him come up at the beginning of the meeting and Both Hermana Monreal and Humberto start walking up. So he starts thanking people and the translation is going great. Then it starts to get weird...He starts sobbing and publicly apologizing to his wife for all these things he had done. THEN he (very dramatically) drops to his knees hugs her at the waist and is saying "Perdoneme Perdoneme!" While Brother Coreson is awkwardly still translating at the microphone saying...forgive me forgive me. hahah Poor guy. And Hermana Monreal is holding his head sobbing. Hermana Stratford and I just kind of sunk in our seats. We were like...woops our bad. hahah Oh well weirder things have happened in the Boulder ward. :) It's hilarious now. 

Anyway the reason that it is hardest to leave Boulder is because we have seen so many miracles these last few weeks. We are still teaching Danika and in our last lesson she explained to us that while she was watching this movie about Christ and another one about the restoration she felt something. She said she couldn't really explain it but she said it all made sense to her and she had this feeling in her chest. We explained to her that it was the spirit talking to her. We also read in the Book of Mormon with her and she is really gaining a testimony of it!!! Also Yolanda, (can't remember if I told you about her) she was a referral from the Elders and we taught her once before...we went back and she had read the intro to the Book of Mormon and had all these good questions. We taught her the first lesson and she accepted the invitation to be baptized if she comes to knowledge that it is true. She said she really wants to know and that she believes she can receive and answer to her prayer like Joseph Smith. Ahh she is so great. AND we found A FAMILY! Their names are Corina and Oscar. They were a referral from their trailer park manager. They are so willing to listen to the Gospel. She particularly had questions about infant baptism because they were about to baptize there little baby boy. We were able to read in Moroni 8 with her and explain the age of accountability. She loved it. She agreed with us that children are innocent and can not commit sin. She seemed so happy and just kept saying...that makes so much sense! It was the most amazing experience and really kicked off her testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

It is breaking my heart to leave these people but I have comfort they are in good hand with Hermana Stratford and her new companion Hermana Vargha (from my MTC district!) As well as the Boulder ward. I am so sad I will not be a part of the rest of there conversion story but I know Heavenly Father needs me back in Longmont.
The missionaries in Longmont have been saying that Bertina is struggling a little bit and I think that might be part of the reason I am going back. Whatever it is I have Faith that I will be able to find people who need the gospel there. 

Anyway so many of our prayers were answered last week! The work is progressing so much here! And I know it is there!

OH I almost forgot to tell you! My new comp is Hermana Soto who is from Mexico originally and speaks fluent spanish! YAY! ayudeme! Down side is that she has health issues and can basically only eat veggies and chicken. But hey I'll get super skinny. Boom! Mission weight issue taken care of. 

Sorry this is a novel....Davis...If you even made it this far. Perdoneme. haha 

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana England 

P.S. Oh and I forgot to congratulate Uncle Dan. He will be such a great stake pres! 

AND Mags for being in the Prom royalty. Such a babe. Proud of you for making a fool of yourself in the assembly though! Remember when I had to do the same thing but for homecoming and right before I went out on stage I bent over and the whole back of the prom dress ripped. So I just went anyway. Haha embarrassing. 

AND Davis. I'm glad you are staying and you like your new comp! 

Love you. 
Oh and dad yes I am still a Sister Training Leader 

Lunch with Gail before transfers!

 Nicole, me and Danny...
my Bead For Life family!

Saying goodbye to all my Boulder favs...

Gourgoun's them!

Sister Plenert

The Hall clan...minus Bro. Hall... 

Laughing at this picture because we are not
suppose to have kids on our laps but Chasen
always clumbs on Hermana Stratford...
This is her trying to stop him :)

 The Benson's (minus Heather @BYU I)
Love them!

The Croppers...coolest couple ever!

Last visit with Monreal's and Hermberto
is out of jail!!!

I'm going to miss Boulder so much!

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