Monday, November 11, 2013

Bring It On

We found THE CUTEST vintage shop named Serendipity!
We went on P-Day and stayed for like two hours - 
They had so many vintage blow dryers
and brushes and hand mirrors!
Ahhh - I just wanted it all!  So much fun!

Hey yall,

So this last weekend was super hard. I found out I'm getting transferred :( I am heart broken. Literally my heart is aching.

When we found out on Saturday I was completely crushed! I don't know how I am going to leave my investigators and the ward here. I have grown to love all of them so much! So many things were going perfect! Just in our last meeting, Bertina said she feels ready to plan her baptism, and she asked if she and Larry could go to the court house to get married! Our investigator Arturo is getting baptized on the 30th of this month. Alejandro is making friends with everyone in the ward and is finally reading in the Book of Mormon! So many things have been happening that is making it so hard for me to leave! I was really struggling with this so I decided to fast yesterday for our investigators to continue to progress when I am gone, and also to feel peace in my heart about being transferred. It was amazing! The whole day was great. I had to say goodbye to the ward which I thought was going to rip my heart out, but it didn't. It was still hard but I felt this peace that everything was going to be okay. Even saying goodbye to the less actives and investigators we visited yesterday...I felt that peace. I know that Heavenly Father will care for his children here in Longmont. It still makes me sad to think that I won't be here to see everything happen, but I know it will be okay. The Lord will always do the best thing for us.

I was also thinking back to when I decided to go on a mission...I remember at church one week singing the song, "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go." Those words have given me comfort the past few days...I came on this mission to do what the Lord wanted...not what I wanted. I told him that I would go where he wanted me to go. Even if it meant giving up a lot of things at home. Well this is exactly the same...except harder! haha This week I recommitted to the Lord that I will go where he wants me to go. I am no longer needed in Longmont and even though it literally breaks my heart to leave I know that I need to go. I know that the Lord will make sure that our investigators are taken care of. Even though I can't see why right now I know I am needed elsewhere and I feel peace in my heart about it. to where I am going...drum roll please...I will be going to Boulder Colorado! It's going to be interesting! Pretty much everyone at church yesterday asked where I would be going and these are some of the responses I got...6 people told me that two years ago Boulder Colorado was rated the least religious place in the US (Provo, UT being the most) Quite a few people asked me if I knew yoga and or could play the bongos. One lady told me that a general authority once said that if it weren't for the saints there that Boulder would be taken from the face of the earth (Don't know if I believe's Sister Thompson...she's dramatic) and one person told me that if anyone with dreadlocks offers me anything to just say NO. Hahaha and you know what I say to all of that....Bring it on!!! If any of this stuff is true then all the more reason they need us there! I have so much faith that we can make Boulder Colorado the second least religious place in the US!...or better yet the MOST out Cougs Boulder is takin over Provo! haha But lady told me to not expect a lot there....and you know what. No. If the Lord is sending us missionaries there then there is obviously a work to be done. I will expect miracles! I have learned this transfer that miracles happen everyday! And a lot of the times the miracles depend on our faith...and dang it my faith is going to take Boulder by storm.....and I like dreadlocks. Maybe I'll dread my hair to fit in to come!

Anyway other than that things are going amazing! Bertina like I said is talking really seriously about marriage with Larry...who I don't know if I told you but is definitely not her brother. hahah and She also quite drinking coffee!! One week off baby! I am amazed at her faith!...and she works in Boulder so let us all join in prayer that her work is in my area!! Arturo our investigator that is getting baptized this month came to an 8 year old baptism to see what it was like...he came in a little late and barely missed the baptism :( but he saw the confirmation and I really think he felt the spirit...even though he probably didn't understand what was going on because it was in English. haha Anyway things are great!

Like I said I am so sad to leave Longmont but I know the work here will continue! And know that I am leaving my first area I guess I am officially not a ya! 

Well that's all for this week. Hope everything is going great at home! Thanks for all the emails! Love hearing from all of you!
Love, Hermana England

Love all the vintage hair dryers!

Creepy little animal scarves....
pretty sure they are real little creatures!

Mexican twins book we found...
we crack ourselves up :)

Love this store! - So much fun stuff!

Vintage globe - "Where are you from?'

That's it!
Some day I am going to bring you back to this store!

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