Thursday, November 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Longmont

Hermana Snow and I enjoying our last
few days together! Man I'm going to miss
this girl!

Hermana Snow and I were always asked if
we were sister so natually we had to do a photo
shoot at the Twin Sisters Drive street sign!
I love her!  Mi Hermanita!

Pics with the Nelson's - we're going to
miss living with them! Dave and Liz are the best!
So sad handing over my key to them.
Liz made blankets for us...she is amazing!

Me with the Chico family. Probably my favorite
family in the Spanish group. I'm going to
miss them so much!

Last lesson with the Anguianos. Love them so much!
Kate (one of the twins) started bawling before
I sad! Going to miss them!
Me with the Moreno girls

Last lesson and dinner with Bertina.  I have
grown to love her and her family so much!
She was the hardest gooddbye! I'm going to miss teaching
her but even more I'm going to miss learning from her!
Her faith is amazing. Before I left she said to me...

"You have come into my life and changed it! Now there
are more people out there like me who need to find
Jesus and learn this Gospel, so as much as 
we want to keep you here, we have to let you go
so you can find them." 

(Of course we were both bawling)

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