Monday, November 18, 2013

We Are Going To Be Doing A Lot Of Tracting And Contacting

Me and my new companion...
Hermana Cropper!

Hello Fam,

Wow this week has been a strange one. It's weird how different each area is! Boulder is SOOO different from Longmont! Where to start, where to start...

Well my new companion's name is Hermana Cropper. She is super nice and came out with Hermana Snow so she is one transfer younger than me. So congratulations Hispanics of have to put up with our awesome Spanish skills. hahaha But she is awesome! She has only been with one companion in the field so far, her trainer. But she really wasn't trained at all. The first day we were together we were setting weekly goals and for total lessons taught she said...umm how about 4?....I was like, oh dear we got some work to do. But now that I am showing her how things really are, she is so willing to work. So it's going to be an awesome transfer.

Well when I arrived here on Tuesday I assumed we would sit down for a bit so Hermana Cropper could bring me up to speed on their investigators and everything. So I start asking her questions in the car ride to Boulder about who they are teaching and everything. And she's like...well we actually don't have any investigators. I thought she just meant they didn't have any investigators that are progressing or something so then I asked..okay well tell me about who you are teaching. And she says...well we're not really teaching anyone right now. So I was like...okay well have you guys been looking for people to teach? And she said...No my old companion didn't believe in tracting. Oh I was like...Okay well we have to find them so we are going to be doing alot of tracting and contacting! And she was like...Oh okay ya ya let's do it! haha So basically we started from scratch. So on Tuesday, our first day, Hermana Cropper took me to an apartment complex to contact a referal but she wasn''t home, so I was like...okay let's tract this whole apartment complex! Hermana Cropper looked at me like I was crazy...but agreed. We had 8 lessons that day. 7 of which were from tracting this apartment complex. Boo ya! Hermana Cropper couldn't believe it. haha So we continued to work hard the rest of the week and now we have 8 new investigators, one of which came to church, 5 less active families we are visiting, and TONS of potential investigators. It's going to be a tough road rebuilding the area (we only have one active family in the Spanish group) but we have a great start!

We reached 20 lessons (the standard of excellence) and they haven't reached that in this area in months and months! Anyway the investigator that came to church, his name is Ernesto and he is awesome! He requested missionaries to come to his house on And we are now teaching him. He will be baptized...just wait :) more dets to come about him.

Anyway we are living with a member of the church. Her name is Donna Downing. I don't even know how to describe the experience of living with Donna. It is truly undescribable...but I will try....Here it goes. First some background on Donna...Her husband passed away last year and she lives alone (other than us) and she has some super weird pictures of him all over the house...strange pictures...hilarous but so strange. She is pretty disabled. She has severe arthritis so one of her hands is really really small and she can't use it. And she also only has one leg. She lives in an electric wheel chair. She does wear a fake leg but she doesn't ever walk she just wheels. Her house has two bedrooms, one hers and one ours. We have bunk beds and our beds take up most of the room. We share an extrememly small bathroom with Donna which has no door...just an extemely thin curtain that is probably short enough to see the person when they sit on the toilet. And everyone in the little house can hear you when your in there...pretty much a no privacy zone in her house. She has one special needs son named Micheal who lives in a home but he stays at the house during the weekend. Micheal really likes to hug people...especailly sister missionaries. Oh and sorry if this is too much info but sometimes Donna with her disablities misses...the poop smears on the's nice...usually we go to the rec center or a gas stantion to go to the bathroom before we go home. Taking a shower is just a treat. haha It's an experience. Oh and the funniest part is that Donna playes one of those second life computer games...Like Dwight on the office. She is on it all day! And she DJ's at one of their on line chatroom dance room thing every night from 7-9. She always says...oh my shift is starting. haha Its pretty hilarious...she gets mad if you call it a's social networking. We are probably moving out soon. Good news is I will be able to take a shower without risking disease, bad news is we will have less entertaining Donna things to laugh at. She is hilarious. 

Well that's about it for this week. Hope everything is going well at home. You all sound super busy!...Not cool that you guys are going to Hawaii with out me....I told you all that you had to stay home this rude. haha Just kidding you guys will be brown and I will be pasty! Jealous!

OH and the dreadlock thing is so true...I've seen so many this week.

Te quiero mucho!
Love, Hermana England

Donna and me!
One of Donna's many cats
(None of which are real)
This one lives in front of the T.V. 
with the remotes...

Michael chattin it up!

And the whole family - I DO love how
happy they are!  

For the last P Day Activity in Longmont
Zone (best zone in the mission) We
had a sock/flour war. Such great times!
I miss Longmont so much! 

Last pic as companions :(

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