Monday, November 11, 2013


Ward Halloween Party!

We were in charge of the
"Guess The Grewsomne Object" booth
It was a hit! 

candy corn- vampire teeth
sliced almonds - witches nails
spaghetti - guts
peeled grapes - eyeballs
ends of hot dogs - goblin toes
shriveled oranges - shrunken heads

 Brother Erickson was Captain Moroni
(He is awesome!  He kind of reminds me of Dalt)

Franz and Chelsey Anderson as Barbie and Ken!
(They won the costume contest - Love them!)

Jessie as an army man

Our neighbor two doors over has this observatory
thing in his yard with a huge telescope inside...
he had an observatory open house on Halloween night - 
so we went over and checked it out.  It was pretty
awesome and we finally learned his name because
before this we would just call him telescope man!

Hermana Mararita Taylor - She does our food calendar!
We love her so much!

 Sister Betty Sutton took us to Tres Margantas!

One of our crazy investigators has this HUGE
Santa Maria in front of her house...
I don't know why but we find it hilarious!
They are many lessons open with a
prayer to the Santa Maria...
Oh...bless them!

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